Autumn’s next litter born May 04, 2020.. wait-list full
Our friends at OSO Ragdolls have an additional 4 litters for Spring 2020

Standard Procedure

Our aim here at Oregon Ragdolls is to provide our customers with their dream kitten(s).   We have structured our business practice around maximizing results toward this end goal.  Because we do things differently, there are sometimes details that need ironed out, and we appreciate your patience with us and our procedures.  Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Weeks 0 – 3)  A majority of our focus at this time is on raising happy healthy kittens.  The kitten’s weights are tracked, colors and patterns are determined, sexes are determined, and we begin a wait-list for local customers.  Some of this information will be provided on our FaceBook page, and all of the information is available upon request.
  • Weeks 4 – 5)  This period is spent training our kittens on “how to cat.”  Update pictures will be provided on our FaceBook page on a weekly basis.  Appointments are set for customers local to the Portland Metro area to visit the kittens at week 6.
  • Week 6)  Kittens are available to meet with customers *by appointment only.  Once/if you decide a kitten is right for you and your family, we will begin accepting deposits at this time.
  • Week 7 – 10)  Once all visiting customers have had a chance to meet with the kittens, we will make the remaining kittens available on our website.  This page will become populated with pictures, prices, and personality profiles of the available kittens.
  • Week 11)  Kittens are ready to leave for their forever homes!  We do not ship our kittens.

*If you live within driving distance and would like to inquire about our visitors wait-list, you may contact us on our Contact Page or through our FaceBook Page.

Should I Buy a Male or Female Ragdoll?

Here are some key differences between male and female Ragdolls that you may want to consider when choosing your new kitten!  Please keep in mind that these are just some general observations, each kitten will have an individual personality unique to him or her. Discuss with your breeder what personality traits you are looking for, and they can help you choose a Ragdoll to best fit you and your family’s needs.

MaleMale Ragdoll Kitten Silhoutte
    • Males tend to be more laid back and carefree.
    • Males are more social and curious of new people, great with children and other pets.
    • They purr louder and are more assertive cuddlers.
    • Male Ragdolls are adventurous and loyal.
  • They are more likely to enjoy being lap-cats.
  • Male Ragdolls can be stubborn and hard-headed, sometimes making it more difficult to train them.
FemaleFemale Ragdoll Silhouette
  • Females tend to be amazingly sweet-tempered.
  • They learn quickly and are easier to train.
  • Females are very astute to their owners’ routines.
  • They are better at keeping themselves clean than the males.
  • Females are also generally more vocal or “chattier.”
  • Female Ragdolls prefer a bit more routine and stability, often taking longer to warm up to new people or other pets.