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Queen Autummn and King Atom

Litter 1

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Queen Rukia [Retired] and King Kazuma [Retired]

Ragdoll Cat Breeder Pair Laying Together

Litter 1

This is a photo of our first born kitten from the first litter we ever had. She is a Seal Point Ragdoll. Seal point mink mitted Ragdoll. The most gorgeous seal point ragdoll kitten you've ever seen! Mitted with partial blaze. Seal Point Ragdoll Kitten

Litter 2

Seal Point Bi-Color Ragdoll Kitten Sleeping Fluffy Blue Point Ragdoll Kitten Tan Bi-color Ragdoll Kitten Four Week Old Colorpoint Ragdoll Kitten

Litter 3

Seal Point Bi-Color Ragdoll Seal Point Ragdoll Mink Mitted with full Blaze. Kitten looks like Rocky Road Ice Cream. Mink Bi-color Ragdoll young Boy Handsome Seal Point Mink Mitted Ragdoll Lad Extra Fluffy Ragdoll Kitten. He is a seal point mitted with a really cool looking blaze.

Litter 4

This is a Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll kitten. Male Blue Point Mink Bi-Color Ragdoll Kitten Seal Point Ragdoll Male Mitted w/ Blaze is cleaning front paw Seal Point Bi-Color Male Ragdoll Kitten Plays with Toy! Blue Point Bi-Color Female Ragdoll Kitten Two Ragdoll Kittens Stand Side-by-Side.

Litter 5

Seal Point Bi-Color Mink Ragdoll Kitten Drinking from Frog Bowl. Blue Point Mink Mitted Ragdoll Kitten with Flirty Eyes Seal Point Mink Bi-Color Ragdoll Kitten Sits in Window Seal Point Ragdoll Kitten Sits in Laptop Case. She has a Marilyn Monroe type Beauty Mark on her cheek. Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Kitten with Full Blaze