Portrait Drawing of Oregon Ragdoll's Queen Autumn as a 6 Month Old Cat.

Name:  Autumn

Origin:  Desert Ragdolls

Born:  07/17/2016

Registered:  09/25/2016

Mother:  Blue Mountain Ragdoll’s

Mischief at Midnight

Father:  Desert Ragdoll’s Koda Bear

Color:  Black Smoke Tortie w/ White

Markings:  Bi-Color

Coat:  Long

Personality:  Courageous, high-energy, and social

Four Month Old Smoke Black Tortie Ragdoll Kitten

Six Month Old Smoke Tortie Calico Ragdoll

Name:  Cinnamon

Origin:  Desert Ragdolls

Born:  06/18/2018

Registered:  05/01/2019

Mother:  Blue Mountain Ragdoll’s Willow

Father:  Remarkable Rag’s Andy Stackhouse

Color:  Seal

Markings:  Colorpoint

Coat:  Long

Personality:  Friendly, snuggly, pacifist

Name:  Beebee

Origin:  OSO Ragdolls

Born:  01/02/2018

Registered:  03/08/2018

Mother:  Ragnarok’s Preshus

Father:  Ragnarok’s Sebastian

Color:  Seal

Markings:  Pointed

Coat:  Long

Personality:  light-hearted, loving, and docile

2D Ragdoll Portrait Cartoon

Name:  Dizzy

Origin:  Desert Ragdolls

Born: 02/26/2020

Registered:  09/06/2020

Mother:  Desert Ragdoll’s La Luna

Father:  Desert Ragdoll’s Koda Bear

Color:  Chocolate and Cream

Markings:  Bi-Color

Coat:  Long

Personality:  Sweet, Bubbly, Trusting