Oregon Ragdolls
13912 SE 322nd Ave.

Boring, OR, 97009


Greg — (775)742-8008

Portrait of the Owner of Oregon Ragdolls

Hi! My name is Greg, I’m the owner/operator of Oregon Ragdolls. Please feel welcome to contact me.  I love my cats and can talk about them and/or the Ragdoll breed pretty much all day!

My second love is for electricity. I trained to be both a commercial electrician and high-voltage lineman in the Nevada Air National Guard. After moving to Oregon, I pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering from Oregon Tech, graduating in 2016.

So,.. Why did I start the Oregon Ragdolls Cattery, you ask?! The answer is simple. I enjoy having a Ragdoll family. It enriches my life to raise these beautiful, intelligent, hyper-social kittens. Beyond that, I believe I can deliver on a great customer experience!

Weekdays 5:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-8:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-8:00pm
Public Holidays Closed

Hi, I’m Lynelle, Greg’s partner in life and in operations at Oregon Ragdolls. Greg introduced Ragdoll cats to me when we began dating in 2006 with his first boy, Kazuma, and I have loved them ever since!

Because of Kazuma’s awesome personality and intelligence, we wanted to share Ragdolls with everyone. So, we searched for a year to find him the most suitable mate: Rukia. See this adorable match-up on our Previous Kittens page, or see how Rukia is doing today in this Blog Article. After raising 5 litters and 24 kittens, we decided to move to Portland to focus on finishing our degrees and retired from breeding.

Now that we have both finished our degrees (mine is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from PSU), we are ready to bring more Ragdoll Love to the world!