Ragdolls 101

What is a Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdoll cats are an all-American breed originating in 1960’s California.

The beauty of a Ragdoll is apparent. They are also every bit as soft as they look. But, Ragdolls are really famous for their personality and temperament!

Fun, loving, and docile. Ragdoll cats are socially intelligent creatures full of personality. These are companion animals that will follow you around and insist on being your best friend.

Although they are highly regarded in the world of cat shows and the realm of advertisement, Ragdoll cats thrive in the home environment.

Do All Ragdolls Have Blue Eyes?

Eye color varies between the different types of Ragdolls.

All kittens are born with blue eyes.

Three types of Ragdoll:

Pointed  Traditional pointed Ragdolls have a light body with dark outer extremities and bright blue eyes.

Pointed Ragdoll Example
Chocolate Point Mitted

Pointed Ragdolls are born entirely white and their color slowly fades in over time.

Mink  Mink Ragdolls have a dark body with even darker outer extremities. Their eye color rages from Aqua to Blue and their fur is extra soft.

Mink Color Point Ragdoll

Mink Ragdolls are born light brown and their color will darken over time.

Solid  Solid Ragdolls have equal coloring throughout their entire body. Their eye color may range from Amber to Emerald.

Solid Black Smoke Tortoiseshell Bi-Color

Solid Ragdolls are born with full color.

What are the Ragdoll colors?

Seal  A range of rich brown coloring.

A variety of Seal Point Ragdolls

Blue A striking light grey.

Kindle of Blue Ragdoll Kittens

Flame A range from light orange to a vivid red.

Mix of Flame Ragdolls

9/10 flames are male

Black The seal gene in solid Ragdolls expresses itself as black. Shade may vary between a luxurious dark brown to a deep black.

Female and Male Solid Black Ragdoll Kittens

Solid black mitted cats are referred to as “Tuxedo Cats,” as they always dress in their most formal attire.

Tortoiseshell Tortoiseshells are multicolored. Their colors are (black, blue, or seal) and orange in a thatched or patched pattern.

Mix of Tortoiseshell Bi-color Girls

Tortoiseshells are always female.

A tortoiseshell with white patches is known as a Calico.

Chocolate A luxurious light brown color. Chocolates are considered very rare.

Male and Female Chocolate Ragdoll Kittens

What are the Ragdoll Patterns?

In addition to type and color, Ragdolls have three distinct patterns.

Mitted Mitted Ragdolls have white paws, chest, and chin.

Mix of Mitted Ragdolls

Color Point Not to be confused with the pointed type of ragdoll, color points are often referred to as non-mitted.

Seal Color Point Ragdoll

Bi-Color Bi-colors have a distinct large white triangle on their face, white legs, and a pink nose.

Mix of Bi-color Ragdolls