Ragdoll Catteries in Oregon

Oregon Ragdolls is a growing Ragdoll cattery dedicated to matching families with their ‘perfect fit’ Ragdoll kittens!  Check out our Available Page to learn about our upcoming litters.

Not sure we’re the right cattery for you?  Below is a map of Ragdoll Catteries within the boundaries of Oregon.  Click or Press on the markers to learn more.

Kittens for Sale

Your kitten(s) will be litter-box trained, eating solid food, have received their first two required vaccinations, and will be ready to go home with you as early as 11 weeks old.  

Oregon Ragdolls kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) as purebred Ragdolls.  Registry papers will be released to respective new owners after proof of spay/neuter.

Ragdoll Breed

Ragdolls are commonly referred to as “gentle giants” and “the cats for dog people” due to their large size, trust in humans, and social nature. This breed is the only domesticated feline that is bred for their personality traits. These cats are truly the perfect companion pet.