The Mysterious Black Ragdoll

Elder Ragdolls

You’ve likely never seen a black Ragdoll. In fact, I believe we are the only Ragdoll cattery in Oregon currently providing this coat color. They are rare, but not for the reasons you may be thinking of.

Tuxedo Kitten gets combed

When Ann Baker created the Ragdoll breed approximately 50 years ago, ‘solid’ coat cats were part of her breeding program. These are cats with non-pointed features such as non- blue eyes and (most notably) a consistent coat color throughout the entire body.

There is one more notable feature of solid cats. The gene that represents seal coloring (brown) in pointed cats, manifests as black in solid cats. In Ragdolls, the color ranges from black to a rich and luxurious dark brown.

Scarcity of Black Ragdolls

Beautiful, right?! The tuxedo marking is particularly popular. So, why are they not offered in every cattery? The scarcity is not due to some genetic anomaly nor to lack of customer demand. It is breeder preference and a stigma against solid Ragdolls.

Solid cats do not meet the blue eyed brand of the Ragdoll breed put forth by the Dayton family (an early Ragdoll breeder). The Daytons did not have solids in their breeding program when campaigning to register the Ragdoll breed with feline associations. Although solid lineages are continued by some breeders, there has been no subsequent official vote to include solid Ragdolls as part of the breed in CFA or TICA.

Grandfathered In

At this point, you may be asking yourself how we offer TICA registered solid Ragdolls if TICA has not voted to accept the coat coloring. The answer is that they are unofficially recognized by TICA. Our solid feline lineages are traceable through TICA and IRCA records back to Ann Baker’s original breeding program.

There are a small subset of Ragdoll catteries left dedicated to preserving these elder Ragdoll types: solids, minks, sepias. Oregonians love them and so we are proud to offer them as part of our breeding program ♥. With increasing popularity, they may someday soon be voted on and officially accepted into the various cat associations breed definitions.

It is undeniable that these cats fit the physical and psychological standards of the Ragdoll breed. See the flat forehead and large stocky body. The medium-to-long length of fur. They are loving and social as much as they are soft and beautiful!

Do you agree with us that solid/black Ragdolls should be preserved? Here to tell us that our cats are not real Ragdolls? Leave us a comment below :).

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  1. Craig says:

    Hello, i adopted a kitten out of tuolumne co California and brought him up to Astoria a few years back. Turns out as far as i can tell he is a tuxedo ragdoll. Jackpot! He’s the best. I support your continuation of this version. Be well!

  2. Susan Boyles says:

    We adopted a tuxedo cat from a friend and she mentioned he was a rag doll. I didn’t realize until recently that this was an actual breed. I just thought it was a description of his willingness to be picked up. He’s the best cat we’ve ever had. And by the way, we were in Riverside, CA when we adopted him and I read that is where they were originally bread.

  3. Brenda says:

    I support that 100% I mean that the black-and-white Tuxedo rag doll Deserves the Invitation. I love my cat so much ♥️ And when he passed A close friend of mine picked up a little black-and-white tuxedo kitten, 1st thing I said was how much he reminded me of Milo♥️ I love animals I prefer to Have a rag doll for my domestic partner😌 Thank you I can’t wait to call my friend and give her news Of the possibility but as I’m sure I don’t stand alone when I say I knew as soon as I looked at the little tuxedo cat named George That he was a rag doll I seen and felt that love hrough his eyes I feel like my Milo says hello to me whenever I see a ragdoll. I need another friend

  4. Maria says:

    Hi, my Tuxedo female, Cleopatra looks like the one you have pictured on this page… white chin & a full heart on her chest with white paws. She flops and plops instead of slowly lowering herself as other cats I’ve had. She is by far the funniest cat I have ever known and gets into all sorts of trouble like when I pulled her out of the washing machine on New Year’s Eve. She actually went through a 45 minute cycle and came out dizzy but alive! 2 days at the vets resting, She is now back to abnormal and loves water all over again. She swings from the chandelier and is the most curious cat ever. Highly recommend preserving this crazy fun breed. She was abandoned at a friends house with her 3 siblings and it was Cleo who led them into the house when my friend came home. She is highly affectionate, acts more like a dog than a cat , travels well & can make herself at home anywhere.

  5. Kathy says:

    I would love to have a black rag doll!! I have to wait though as my current Persian is adverse to all other cats, including kittens, and small dogs too. She’s usually pretty chill unless her territory has been compromised—then she’s a vicious lioness!!!!

  6. Sir Casper's Keeper says:

    I have a black tuxedo ragdoll and he has very beautiful bright green eyes which rival the vivid blue of the cats with lighter fur. He flops when held, and is also a very funny cat. He used to scratch at the doors to wake the children up in the morning and to send them to bed at night. He also became an adopted dad to our British Shorthair and played peekaboo with her. Very much a ‘Dad’ type cat despite being neutered and having no children of his own.

  7. Billie Jean says:

    Hello! This Black Tuxedo Ragdoll looks exactly like my little lady, Io (literally said like letter, EYE-OH)! She is so beautiful and cuddly with bright, green eyes. She gets along with my year old Boxer Mix rescue, Miss Tiger (who is a fawn with a brindle coat), so well!! Io is playful and so loving at the same time. Every time I greet her, she lets me scoop her up and nuzzle her close to my chest, and she loves to crawl only my shoulders and nuzzle my neck. I adopted her at the end of last month, and it took her less than a week to be completely comfortable with my dog. It makes me so happy 🙂

  8. Gloria says:

    I had a black and white Ragdoll cat. His name was Louie. He was the best cat ever. I would say “kisses Louie” and he would bow his head so I can give him a kiss. I miss him so much. He was so beautiful and loving. He passed away last July. I had him for 14 years. We had such a bond.

  9. Sandrea R. White says:

    I have a white and black ragdoll and a solid black ragdoll. I was told they are not real rag dolls. They are to me. I love them so much.

  10. Haneul King says:

    It’s a new dream of mine to have a solid ragdoll!!
    they are just so adorable, a friend of mine has one and he is just too sweet!
    I hope sometime in the future I can get one or two for my family!!!

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