Meet our ‘Chocolate and Cream’ Girl

Let’s Talk Tortie

This is Dizzy! Oregon Ragdoll’s new pride and joy. She is a chocolate and cream tortoiseshell Ragdoll. Currently around 6 months old and such a lover. Dizzy is happy being the center of attention and fills any room she enters with energy.

We have Desert Ragdolls to thank for this girl. She came to us in perfect physical condition and with so much adoration for humans. Dizzy loves playing with Autumn’s kittens when she isn’t snuggling with her people. Her favorite place to sleep is up high on top a cat-tree tower in the kitchen.

Dizzy and our boy Atom are both ‘dilute carrying’ chocolates. This means their babies will not only be chocolate colored but also lilac as well. Because Dizzy is a tortoiseshell, their litters will also contain the red and tortie colors.

Dizzy will start her career as a new mother in 2021.

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