Where Are They Now?! [PHOTO UPDATE]

Let’s catch up!

It’s been a few months since we’ve shown the progress of our breeding pair, Atom and Autumn.  They are maturing into such the beautiful couple of Radoll cats!  I had to dedicate the time to get some pictures done.  Let’s start with Atom..

Portrait of male seal point mitted Ragdoll


Atom is now 5 months old.  He is a super-confident and self-assured boy.  His colors are still in the process of darkening.   One day, the dark brown color of Atom’s nose will spread out to cover his entire face.

For now,.. he is still such the kitten.

Seal Point Male Mitten Kitten Playing


Now, let’s talk about the queen to be!  Autumn will always consider herself the baby of the family. She wants to be loved.. and cared for.. and the center of attention.

Portrait of Queen Ragdoll Smoke Calico


Autumn is now 9 months old!  Wow!  We are mere months away from Autumn being old enough to have her first litter.  She still seems like a baby herself.

Autumn showing her belly. Smoke Calico RagdollLook how big she has grown!  Autumn is nearly a full grown temptress.

Can you imagine how beautiful the kittens of these two will be?!

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