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We’re Now on Facebook

We wanted to provide the option of smaller and more frequent updates for our customers, while keeping the blog open for bigger news.  That’s where Facebook comes in!  Follow us on Facebook to be the first to receive Oregon Ragdoll news and updates.

Some of you may have noticed the Facebook logo appear in the upper right corner of our pages. Follow the blue ‘f’ link to our Facebook homepage.

Facebook Link in Top Right









Reasons to like/follow our Facebook page:

  • Pregnancy and other news will be posted on our FB page first.
  • We will be creating content specifically for our FB page.
  • Oregon Ragdolls posts professional quality photos.
  • To support your local cage-less cattery. ♥

We could have exciting news soon!  Our Ragdoll breeder “queen” is nearly old enough to have her first litter.  She could become pregnant during her next heat cycle.

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