Autumn’s First Litter

Autumn’s First Litter


On September 16th, 2017 our cattery’s first litter was born!! Mother and father were both born on the 17th of their respective birth month, so we consider these kittens a day early.

New parents at 1 year old, Atom and Autumn did a wonderful job raising their kittens together.  They poured a lot of love into these kittens, rarely leaving their side.

First Kitten, pointed tortoiseshell female, at four weeks old sitting with father

Second Kitten, pointed tortoiseshell female, at four weeks old being groomed by mother

Their unique personalities were shining from the start.  The first kitten wanted to sit and groom *lick* her humans, while the second kitten liked to run around and play with any toy she could find.

First Kitten being a sweet heart

Second Kitten playing her heart out

We’ve been waiting for their coats to darken, but they’ve remained so white!  The girls will have some markings when they are older, but very light colored markings.  They will be gorgeous <3.

These two kittens have charmed potential new owners into adopting them and they will soon leave for their “forever homes.”  We will miss their sweet nature and adorable faces.

They grow up so fast!

Goodbye Sweet Girls

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