Meet the Extended Family –Must Read–

Last week, we visited our family in Nevada, where we were reunited with our extended Ragdoll family!  I have given my mother a number of Ragdoll kittens over the years.. and they are now all grown up!  They are so amazing, you absolutely have to meet them.  As a prelude, I need to tell you that all three of these cats were born to, now retired, Queen Rukia and King Kazuma.

Here are some quick profiles:

Portrait of Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll w/ full blaze

Rukia  [roo-key-uh]

Nickname(s):  Roo-kitten, Roo-mama

Color Markings:  Seal Point Mitted with Full Blaze

Interests:  Hugs, Long Walks, Mildew Smells, Supervising Kittens, Reflections of Light

Dislikes:  When humans make mouse noises, when other cats are misbehaving, being mindlessly pet, over-stimulation

Tricks:  Plays Fetch with little cotton cat toys

Picture of Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll Covered in Catnip

Kazuma [Kah-Zoo-Maa]

Nickname(s):  Kah-zoo-buddy sometimes pronounced as “Cause-you’re-my-buddy”

Color Markings:  Seal Point Mitted Mink with Partial Blaze

Interests:  Adventuring, Long Walks ..even in pouring rain, Play Fighting, Human Children

Dislikes:  Car Rides, Large Dogs, Feeling Embarrissed

Tricks:  Jumping into the arms of humans

Misa Misa

Portrait of Seal Point Ragdoll

There is so much I can say about Misa.  First off, she is my cat.  In fact, she is my best behaved cat.  I am so proud of my Misa!  My mother has agreed to hold onto her for a bit,.. we will pick her back up once we are able to complete the cat playground.

Misa is an absolute ALPHA.  Every cat breeder/trainer needs a cat like Misa.  This cat is a born leader!  The other cats have a natural tendency to follow Misa’s example.  She is incredibly smart and well-disciplined.  So, the other cats look to her to see what they should be doing.  What this has meant for me, is that I can go on long walks with all my cats at once, and I really only have to direct Misa on what to do and where to go… instead of trying to direct 4 or 5 cats at once.

A story about Misa’s bravery:

One summer morning, I was out walking with four of my Ragdoll cats alongside a lakeshore that I used to live by. I ran into a neighbor walking in the other direction with her full grown Siberian Husky. Now, her dog is on a leash, my cats are not.  Two of my cats decide to run and watch us talk from a distance.  Rukia and Misa, however, are curious and decide to stay by my side.  As I talk to my neighbor, the Husky stares at my cats kind of confused about why they haven’t run off, and my cats stare back at him nervously.  Apparently this Husky lives with a cat, and i’m told he enjoys scaring cats but won’t hurt them.  He suddenly jumps onto his hind legs and lunges slightly forward, toward Rukia.  Rukia turns sideways to make herself as big as possible.. and Misa jumps in front of her mom, also turning sideways in an attempt to look big.  Misa loves her mother and wouldn’t let anything happen to her.  This just shocked everyone!  My two 9 lb Ragdolls knew how to handle themselves around mischievous 50 lb Husky.

Misa walking with her eyes closed

Misa ALWAYS comes when she is called

You may have noticed that Misa has her eyes closed in all of her pictures..  Well, I assure you that she has big beautiful blue Ragdoll eyes!! And, I assure you, there is nothing wrong with her vision.  I confess that I used to take pictures of my cats with the flash on.  Rather than take the chance of letting me assault her vision, Misa now refuses to look at me with her eyes open when I am taking pictures.
Seal Point Ragdoll acting Cute

Misa standing on her hind legs to be pet

The last thing I will say about her is that she the kind of girl that will always meet you half way to be pet.


Seal Point Mitted MaleSeal Point Mink Mitted Ragdoll Kitten with Blaze Cocoa was the second born of the first litter, and first born male.  We gave this beautiful boy to my mother.  He is total happy-go-lucky and has a purr-box that would rival a Harley Davidson! Seriously loud purrs!  And, he knows how to use it to get what he wants.  My mom is routinely awaken early mornings by the thunderous sound of Cocoa’s purr-box. I can also tell you that Cocoa loves his Ragdoll sisters and is very protective over them.

We picked Cocoa to stay within our extended family because he was such a carefree and loving character.  He was a joy to be around as a kitten.  Even though he is somewhat of a hard-headed old’man now-a-days, he is still a great pet and everyone loves him.

Daisy May

Blue Point bi-color with partial blaze

daisy as a young blue point bi-color ragdoll kittenDaisy is a year younger than her older siblings, Misa and Cocoa.  She is a very sweet but cautious girl.  Somewhat uncharacteristic of the Ragdoll breed, it takes a while for Daisy to get warmed up to new people.  She will come cuddle with you during the nighttime, but prefers to keep her distance during the day.  She is elusive, but still somewhat social.  When everyone is sitting down watching a movie, she will often join us.. even mimicking our sitting style.. plopped down with her feet forward and leaning back against a backrest.

Ragdoll Cat sitting like Human

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