The Cats You Haven’t Met

We have two cats that we have yet to introduce, but you may find them roaming around our cattery.  The first cat i’d like to introduce is our retired queen Rukia!  She is a seal point mitted with a full blaze and a wide range of emotions.  The second is a sassy orphan tuxedo that we took in as a lost and eccentric young lady.

[RETIRED] Queen Rukia

Rukia is a Ragdoll; 10 weeks old here.  This was around 9 years ago.  She is an elegant girl, even as a kitten.

Oregon Ragdolls -- Seal Point Mitted with full blaze 10 weeks oldOregon Ragdolls -- Seal Point Mtitted w/ full blaze 10 weeks






Rukia had 5 litters before we retired her for genetic reasons. She absolutely insisted that I be by her side each time she had birth! Here she is hanging out with her first born: Misa.  Misa adores her mother.  Misa may come back to live with us later in the year.

Oregon Ragdolls Cats









Today, Rukia hasn’t lost her motherly instincts.  She spends most of her time watching the young ones play.. quick to correct misbehavior and breakup fights.  And, she is a wonderful role model for Autumn.  WARNING: you do not want to find yourself on Rukia’s bad side!


Oregon Ragdolls Mischievous Queen


Orphan Precious

We met precious when she was a stray, less than a year old.  She woke us up one morning by climbing our apartment screen door, desperate to come inside.  Admittedly, I did not take her in at first. We already had 4 Ragdoll cats we were taking care of.  I quickly made friends with her, as she was a friendly tuxedo with no home and the fluffiest tail!  I left food out for her in our entryway, and she was attacked by a neighborhood stray!!!  I opened the door to find her flying 5 feet up in the air from the fright of being assaulted while eating.  I took her to the vet, and paid for her medical expenses and to be spayed.

She has been part of our family ever since.
Oregon Ragdolls Stray


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